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Custom fabricated Tanks

Our custom fabricated tanks are used for a wide range of applications; water and chemical storage, water treatment systems, pH adjustment systems, pump stations, plastic manholes, etc… We can design and fabricate any style of tank you might need to meet your requirements. The tanks can be constructed out of polyethylene, polypropylene, PVC, CPVC, PVDF and stainless steel with many different styles of fittings, internal or external supports and cover

Custom Design & Fabrication

ASI has over 45 years experience with plastic pipe, valves and fittings. This experience along with our superior product line that we represent can provide a wide range of custom items from simple cut-to-size pipe and sheet to RODI balancing assemblies. Our technicians are trained in various different methods and techniques of plastic fusion from extrusion welding to IR / BCF welding. We also offer plastic welding equipment to our customers, socket and butt fusion machines, electrofusion machines, IR machines and various other rental equipment to make your project go smoothly as possible.

Chemical Feed Systems

Our chemical feed skids are economical and are designed to be used wherever any type of chemical addition is required. We can custom design your skid or wall mountable shelf with many different options to meet your specific needs Our skids are engineered for easy installation and operation.

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