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CPVC Schedule 80

Corzan® CPVC rigid pipe, valves and fittings are ideal for a large variety of Industrial and Mechanical applications. Available in schedule 40, schedule 80 and SDR, 1/2" through 24" sizes. CPVC (Cell Classification 24448 and 23447) conforming to ASTM D1784 has physical properties at 73°F (23°C) similar to those of PVC and chemical resistance similar to or generally better than that of PVC. The design stress of CPVC is also 2,000 psi at 73°F (23°C). The maximum service temperature is 200°F (93°C) under pressure with occasional exposure to boiling water (212°F, 100°C). CPVC has proved to be an excellent piping material for hot corrosive liquids, hot and cold water distribution and similar applications above the temperature range of PVC.

 Available in 1/10″ – 8″ sizes