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Enfield electrofusion fittings are molded with an integral resistance wire in the socket, with jointing completed by energizing the resistance wire via a microprocessor controlled Enfusion Control Unit. The result of these innovations is an unparalleled level of joint reliability and repeatability. Enfield has proven over time that it produces the optimum level of performance where it matters most – at the joint interface. It offers unprecedented control of jointing – controlled fit, controlled temperature and controlled time.


  • Positive reliable joints made in 2 minutes – installation time is reduced
  • Several joints can be made at the same time
  • Proven reliability for over a decade
  • Enfield is manufactured from polypropylene which has an operating temperature range from -10ºF to 212ºF. *This allows systems to be flushed with boiling water
  • Heavy gauge resistance wire molded into sockets – no loose components, controlled fusion of joints
  • Easy connecting heavy duty socket terminal posts complete with protection ears
  • Microprocessor controlled enfusion unit ensures secure joints and joint repeatability

 Available in 1 1/2″ – 12″ sizes