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G Series Meter

GPI G Series Turbine flowmeters are volumetric flow measurement devices. The moving fluid is used to turn a rotor, which is suspended in the flow stream. The rotating speed of the rotor is proportional to the fluid velocity or flow rate. As the blades from a spinning rotor pass by a magnetic sensor, an AC voltage pulse is generated and transmitted to the readout instrument. Each pulse is equal to a given volume of liquid, therefore “x” number of pulses are equal to a gallon, litre, pound, barrel, etc.


  • GPI G Series Turbines are identified by the internal diameter of the inlet and outlet.
  • Model 050 ½ inch (0.6-6.0 GPM)
  • Model 051 ½ inch (0.8-6.0 GPM)
  • Model 075 ¾ inch (1.6-16 GPM)
  • Model 075E ¾ inch (2.3-23 GPM)
  • Model 100 1 inch (6.7-67 GPM)
  • Model 150 1 ½ inch (17.7-177 GPM)
  • Model 200 2 inch (33-330 GPM)
  • Model 300 3 inch (60-600 GPM)

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